Vivian Imbriotis is a first year Medicine student and first-time Taskforce member who is passionate about providing young Tasmanians with opportunities to talk about the issues that matter to them and the tools to engage in rational and reasoned debate. After spending three years as a participant in the Youth Parliament program, Viv is very excited to be a member of this year’s Taskforce, and we are equally excited to have him on board.

The Parliamentary Draftsperson for this year’s YP, Viv is a big fan of bills of all shapes and sizes and has been working hard to ensure that every piece of legislation proposed by the Youth Parliamentarians of 2017 is clearly written, immaculately formatted, and not a violation of the Australian Constitution. Viv is also one of the Program’s Welfare Officers.

When he’s not renumbering subclauses or thinking deeply about medical ethics, Viv can be found getting excited about obscure topics in high school debates, or making niche BoJack Horseman references in casual conversation.

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