Caroline is this year’s Youth Parliament Convenor. Caroline is in her third year of Arts/Law, majoring in Politics. She is fond of the University of Tasmania and its cosy libraries, the entertaining student politics, and the overpriced (but delicious) sandwiches. Caroline’s idols include Annabel Crabb and Leslie Knope. She often spends hours of her time watching Kitchen Cabinet; in awe of her idol’s immaculate dress sense and stellar banter. Caroline’s attempt at miso brownies did not end as well as Annabel’s. She does have the claim to fame however of having made Malcolm Turnbull a short black on one of his visits to Tasmania. She hopes it wasn’t disgusting. Caroline first attended Youth Parliament in 2013, and has been a Taskforce member for three years now. She enjoys watching the participants debate passionately, creatively and intelligently during the week so much that she has to try really hard not to shout ‘go team!’ from the public gallery like a proud mum at a Saturday soccer match. When Caroline is not busy with YP she is often behind a coffee machine at work, helping out at UN Youth or Debating, or thinking about writing a uni assignment. Feel free to ask Caroline about any of her special knowledge areas: just how much froth should be on a cappuccino, Parks and Recreation, cats, and Italian food.

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