Kathryn Ellis is the Deputy Convenor of Youth Parliament this year. She knows the answers to all the questions that leave Caroline bamboozled. Kathryn probably spends more of her time volunteering than she actually does being alive, leading most of us to desperately search for her elusive time-turner. Outside of slogging it out in the fourth year of her Arts/Law degree, Kathryn presides over and organises the activities of the Tasmanian Debating Union, and works as a Director on the Board of UN Youth Australia. She does, however, have enough time to enjoy cats, lots of cats. Kathryn is proud to say that she lived through two White House Administrations in a holiday lasting two weeks. She enjoys reeling the uninitiated into the magic of The West Wing, and eating so much avocado on toast that she now in fact owes two houses to the bank or something. She’s here in particular, though, to make YP excellent and brighten up your life in general – you wouldn’t want to miss her! (except when she is not around, in which case, we do miss her).

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