Youth Local Government

The Tasmanian Local Youth Government (TYLG) is held annually to allow young people to come together to learn about and discuss local government.

The Tasmanian Youth Local Government program aims to empower its participants to engage with local issues, represent their community and collaborate on policy ideas. Nominees from each Local Government Municipality will come together with representatives from around the state to debate social and development issues whilst gaining worthwhile experience in community consultation.

The program will focus on the power of grassroots advocacy, combining workshops, speakers’ panels, and group discussions to provide a rewarding and welcoming environment for young councilors to discuss what is most important to them.

Participants of this program will produce submissions and project proposals, which will be presented to all Councils in the state at the program’s conclusion, with the hopes that some of these proposals may be adopted by local governments throughout our state.

Throughout this process, the participants will develop public speaking, planning and problem solving skills that will allow them to contribute in their schools and communities, and provide them with the confidence, and necessary skills to stand up as advocates for the issues they believe in. Not only that, the program will connect participants with like-minded people to form friendships and collectively contribute to a stronger community, whereby young people can feel that they are being heard by those that represent them.

Get in contact with us about TYLG through our Facebook or by contacting

2019 Conference Details


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